BTC Halving (BTCHL): The Maverick Meme in Crypto's Galaxy

Welcome to Bitcoin Halving (BTCHL), where we celebrate the monumental event in the crypto world – the Bitcoin Halving of 2024! As the crypto community eagerly anticipates this significant moment in the Bitcoin ecosystem, we present BTCHL, a meme token designed to capture the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this event.

About Bitcoin Halving

Every four years, the Bitcoin network undergoes a process known as "halving," where the reward for mining new blocks is reduced by half. This scarcity mechanism is embedded in Bitcoin's code and serves to control its supply, making each Bitcoin more valuable over time. The upcoming Bitcoin Halving in 2024 is poised to be a defining moment in the crypto space, and we're here to commemorate it in style.


65.625T $BTCHL

No Allocations

No Presale

No Taxes



Contract renounced

πŸ”₯ Liquidity Burned πŸ”₯

Why 65.625T ?

We took the 21 trillion meme from BTC supply, multipled it with new reward after halving event i.e 3.125 BTC, and voila – 65.625 trillion $BTCHL was born!

Lubrication Ended! πŸš€

Receiving Limit:Wallets are unrestricted from holding more than 1% of the total BTC Halving supply after a transfer

Liquidity Pool:The Liquidity Pool is added, preparing for seamless trading on decentralized exchanges.

Disclaimer for BTC Halving ($BTCHL)

Meme Coin Magic: $BTCHL is a meme coin, and it's all about the fun! It doesn't have any intrinsic value, and it's certainly not your typical investment.
No Financial Guarantees: We're not here to make you rich. Seriously, don't expect financial miracles from $BTCHL. The value might do some funky dances – it's all part of the show!
No Formal Team, Just Vibes: $BTCHL is driven by the community spirit. No fancy suits, no formal team, just crypto enthusiasts having a good time
Entertainment Over Everything: $BTCHL is your ticket to the entertainment zone. It's not about changing the world; it's about bringing a smile to your face.
Useless, But Awesome: Yeah, it's useless. But guess what? It's awesome! Hold it, trade it, meme it – it's here for whatever floats your crypto boat.
Not Financial Advice: $BTCHL is not financial advice, and it's definitely not a financial instrument. It won't make you a financial guru, but it might make you laugh.
By getting involved with $BTCHL, you're stepping into the whimsical realm of crypto entertainment. Enjoy the ride, laugh a little, and remember – it's all in good fun! πŸ” To the Moon and Beyond! πŸš€